Corporate Wellness Program Increasing Health and Happiness of YOUR Employees and YOUR Bottom Line

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Cory Schneider, physical therapist and creator of the ExerClock program, has an in-depth knowledge of the human body and the toll a sedentary desk job takes on it. With an ever-growing unawareness of the potential health problems polluting the vast majority of our workforce, Cory could no longer sit around and let the message go unheard. Out of inspiration to save the masses from preventable illnesses associated with inactivity, ExerClock was born. A state-of-the-art wellness application that stimulates individualized activity and health, driving down corporate healthcare costs and improving your bottom line!

Today, individuals and businesses alike are using ExerClock, successfully changing the health of themselves and their employees in a cost effective manner.

Corporate Fitness and HealthWhat is ExerClock?

Developed by leaders in physical therapy and exercise physiology, ExerClock is a downloadable web-based computer program, providing individualized short office exercises. Led by a personal trainer, this individual and corporate wellness program addresses the specific needs of each individual participant. ExerClock is focused on reducing the health risks associated with a sedentary work lifestyle, increasing the body’s metabolism, drastically raising mental awareness and productivity, and driving down health care costs. There is no longer an excuse not to exercise and develop healthy habits and lifestyles.

What ExerClock is Not

ExerClock is not a passive, non-engaging wellness strategy. ExerClock is a serious solution to a serious problem. ExerClock IS the vehicle you need to actively create a healthy corporate culture through exercise, specifically tailored to each individual’s needs and schedule within your organization.

How ExerClock Works

ExerClock is an easy to use wellness tool helping desk workers stay healthy, happy, and productive. Individuals and corporations can subscribe to ExerClock.  Individuals simply subscribe and create their own user profile, then customize their account to their needs. Corporations subscribe to a corporate license, allowing employees to then create individual accounts to actively stay healthy at work. A unique alarm-clock feature is individually set to each person’s specifications, reminding them to perform their exercises at specific intervals during the day. When an employee is busy and can’t spare the few minutes at the time of being prompted, they can simply snooze their alarm and make them up when time permits.

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Why Does ExerClock Work?

It’s Simple….Science! The human body has evolved to move, and activity stimulates vitality and health. However, if we do not move, our bodies enter a state of “metabolic shutdown”, resulting in a cascade of side effects, health risks, and disease states that  drive up healthcare spending. ExerClock was developed based on specific research that demonstrates incorporating short bouts of routine exercise into your otherwise sedentary work lifestyle reduces the healthcare risks associated with inactivity. Not only will you and your employees feel more energized and avoid more sick days, you will burn calories and lose weight at the same time.

Get Healthy and Stay Fit with ExerClock

Improve your own health, or improve the bottom line of your corporation by signing up for ExerClock today. Our innovative wellness tool is designed to be easily integrated into any existing wellness program and the working lifestyle of any employee. In addition to fewer sick days and higher productivity, don’t underestimate the power of stronger office morale! Financially, corporations benefit from healthier employees that have lower health care costs and insurance rates.  No more excuses! Get healthier today with ExerClock.

Contact the corporate wellness experts at ExerClock today to learn more about our program and how it can improve your bottom line.