What to Expect with ExerClock

There is a lot to expect when utilizing ExerClock as your wellness program, including:

  • Reduced sluggishness
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced back, neck, and joint pain
  • Weight Loss (dependent on your diet, exercise level, and dedication)
  • An overall happier, healthier you!
  • And more if you can believe it

Below is a glimpse at the ExerClock dashboard (what you will use to monitor your activity and organize your exercise routines). ExerClock is customizable to you and your goals. You can choose from videos targeting specific areas (back, neck, core, etc.) and/or by exercise level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc.). This easy to use program has hourly reminders that are customizable, telling you it’s time to do your designated routine. You can snooze this alarm as necessary with your workflow. 

Become active and healthier today with ExerClock.


User Dashboard

Fitness Program User Dashboard

Choosing Your Routines

You can choose routines from a variety of exercise levels - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Muscle/Pain Syndrome, Lunch Breaks.

Fitness Program Routine Chooser

Customize Your Routine

After you have chosen your routine categories, you can drop and drag individual videos to your shortlist, ensuring the workouts you do are specific to your needs and goals. 

Customize Workout Routines

Fitness Routine Customization

Ready to Workout? Your video will automatically pop up when your timer goes off.

Workout Video

Videos Prepared by Health Professionals

Record Your Progress and Rate Your Video

ExerClock gives you the tools to track your progress (videos completed, time exercised, calories burned, etc.), and the opportunity to provide feedback on your video routine. 

Tracking Your Progress

See your progression towards a healthier, happier you on charts - helping you see exactly where you have improved and the goals you are working towards.