Corporate Bottom Line and Employee Health Improved with ExerClock

Keep Your Employees and Business Healthy While Saving Money

“Corporations are faced with an Epidemic. Sedentary work lifestyles have risen dramatically with advances in technology and longer work days. Unfortunately, the health risks and associated costs for The Sedentary Professional are also rising!” – Cory Schneider, PT and creator of ExerClock.

Every corporation is feeling the pinch of the rising costs of healthcare and insurance coverage for their employees. Sedentary employees drive employee health risks skyward and result in higher claims, lost work days, absenteeism, and poor performance. Until now, only large corporations could build fitness and wellness centers for their employees (due to the cost of such programs), only to see partial compliance as demonstrated by the limitations of a fitness center. ExerClock is the only application that commands ACTIVE participation, addresses real issues, stimulates and tracks compliance, and is tailored to every participant. There is no longer a reason not to exercise, burn calories, stimulate healthy body processes, and drive wellness within your organization.

Corporate Wellness ProgramBenefits of Implementing ExerClock into Your Corporate Health Structure

Exercise is proven to stimulate mental performance, reduce anxiety and depression, ward off sluggishness, and improve concentration. A nine month research study of 80 executives showed that exercisers experienced a 22% increase in fitness and a 70% improvement in their ability to make complex decisions compared to their sedentary peers. Companies using ExerClock can expect not only improved employee productivity, but reduced errors at work, improved morale and loyalty, and a decrease in absenteeism.

Participants also have access to a wide variety of educational materials, scientific research, nutritional information and supplementation, as well as a registered dietician for custom consultation and planning. Providing ExerClock to your employees as a corporate wellness tool will help them lose weight and stay healthy, boosting overall productivity and your bottom line with decreases in healthcare costs.

Corporate Wellness Improved Quickly and Dramatically with ExerClock

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), preventable chronic diseases have become the world’s leading killer. For a self-funded employer that understands it population, this is no surprise. Preventable illness makes up approximately 80% of the burden of illness and 75% of all health care costs in the US. Be proactive! Choose ExerClock and MOVE toward health and lower costs for your organization!

Corporations Saving Money with Wellness Programs - Be the Next by Choosing ExerClock Today

The Travelers Corporation claims a $3.40 return for every dollar invested in health promotion, yielding total corporate savings of $146 million in benefit costs.

A California county targeted both white and blue collar workers in an effort to reduce back injuries and sickness by incorporating fitness training and classes. An ROI of $1.79 was produced through lower worker’s comp claims, medical costs, and reduced sick days.

Coors Brewing Company experienced a remarkable 18% decrease in employee absenteeism after implementing their corporate wellness and fitness program.

Steelcase Inc. studied 4,000 of its employees, and results showed that when high-risk employees changed their health habits, their average yearly health care claims were reduced by more than 50%.

Research shows that companies nationwide have reduced their healthcare claims an average of $250/employee by incorporating a health and wellness program.

Johnson and Johnson has demonstrated a 34% reduction in hospital costs 3 years after initiating their wellness program.

Coca-Cola was able to save approximately $500 per employee after implementing a corporate fitness program.