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Fitness Program for IndividualsComputer-Based Fitness Program Reducing the Health Risks of Your Desk Job

As technology has advanced and the demands of today’s professionals require longer work days spent sitting at computers, individuals have noticed an increase in neck and back pain, weight gain as well as increased risks of chronic diseases, and ultimately shorter life spans. ExerClock IS the tool for today’s professionals to decrease pain, decrease fatigue, burn more calories, and change the way your body looks and feels. You have invested a lot into your career, we want you to stay happy and healthy to work in that career until you retire. The time is now to invest in your “Work Health” by joining the ExerClock revolution today.  Join Now!

Did You Know?

It may come as a surprise to know, 86% of American workers sit for the majority of their work day. Did you also know that prolonged sitting significantly increases the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even death? People who sit for 11+ hours per day have almost a 50% increased risk of dying in the next 3 years as compared to those who sit for 4 hours or less per day. Reduce your risk of preventable illness and death by choosing ExerClock.

When you work from home, the time you sit can easily meet or exceed 10 hours a day. ExerClock will help you get up and move every hour, significantly reducing your risks of illness from a sedentary work life. Your ExerClock account is able to sync with the Fitbit to provide you with even more feedback. You can now monitor the exercise you do with ExerClock as well as all of your other physical activity during the day – track calories burned, steps taken, distance walked, and so much more. Whether you want to feel better on a daily basis, be happier and more productive during your work hours, or simply want to lose weight and gain confidence, ExerClock IS the vehicle you need to actively create a healthy work culture through specifically tailored exercises (meeting your time, fitness, and health needs).

ExerClock is More Than a Workout Video

ExerClock provides several avenues to a healthier life on our website. Find all of the nutritional information you are seeking, recipes perfectly complimenting your new, active lifestyle; as well as equipment and gear helping you become the YOU you want to be. There are no more excuses not to exercise. Get fit today by choosing ExerClock and improve your health and happiness along the way.

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