ExerClock Customer Reviews

Individuals Feeling Better and More Productive With ExerClock

Whether you work from home or in a small office, for the price of a nice meal, you can get moving, burn calories, reduce health risks and feel better for an entire year!  Desk-oriented professionals from all over the world are joining ExerClock to reinforce their health during the work day!

Corporate Wellness Program ReviewsCorporate Wellness Application Driving Down Healthcare Costs, Improving Employee Productivity, and Collecting Rave Reviews from Users

ExerClock is the scientifically supported corporate wellness application that stimulates productive changes and drives effective results. The goal all along continues to be improving the health of individuals and corporations nationwide. With a projected increase in the annual cost of chronic disease in the US (212% by 2023), everyone needs to get moving to keep their body and mind healthy while decreasing preventable illness and corporate healthcare costs. By choosing ExerClock as your corporate wellness program, or implementing it into your existing program, your employees will feel better, be more productive, and miss less work. Shortly after incorporating ExerClock into their work lifestyle, you will see a noticeable difference in your employees and an even more noticeable difference in your bottom line. Become one of the happy reviewers below by signing up for ExerClock today. Your employees will thank you and their work will reflect it.

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Just a Few of ExerClock’s Satisfied Users

"ExerClock was very simple to integrate into our company, has personally helped my back feel better and has been well accepted by the majority of our employees."

Kevin C., Owner - WDT, Inc.

"I am a telephonic healthcare nurse, sitting at my desk for hours with few breaks.  Myself and my teammates use ExerClock routinely during our work days to stand up, move and give our eyes a break from looking at the computer."

Diane H., Telephonic Health - CMS, Inc.

"I started ExerClock myself, then provided it to my IT sales staff for use.  We now lead off our web meetings with an exercise or stretch.  For my team, moment has always been a challenge, and this tool has tremendously improved our efforts to increase activity in our work day."

David D., Regional IT Director/Consultant

"A Serious Solution to a Serious Problem."

Renee M., Human Resources Administrator

"Since starting ExerClock with my sales staff, team members not only feel better, but are more vibrant and productive in our middle afternoon meetings."

Steve C. District Sales Manager

"I work from home and often sit at my computer for 10 hours a day. I felt sluggish, and had neck and back pain from sitting all day.  Since starting ExerClock, I feel more energized and the stretching and postural exercises have reduced my discomfort...Thank you!"

Tara, Individual ExerClock user

"There is simply not a reason why every business shouldn't be actively engaged with ExerClock, it makes a huge difference...period.  I encourage my customers and clients to all consider this tool for wellness."

Jennifer L., Disease Management Nurse