Increase Productivity and Morale While Saving Money

Workplace Exercise Software Reduces Sick Days and Encourages Good Health

Obesity and chronic health problems have been consistently rising over the past years. A large contributing factor is the sedentary lifestyle many people are engaging in. On average, workers sit for approximately 76% of the day, which research indicates leads to serious health problems such as cancer and heart disease. People who sit for 11 or more hours per day have a 40% increased risk of death compared to peers who are more active. Even more alarming, is studies have shown prolonged desk sitting is an independent risk factor. Participating in a workout program after work hours is not enough to combat the risk factors associated with extended periods of sitting.

In addition to the increased risk of cardiovascular disease and various types of cancer, lengthy periods of inactivity are also suspected risk factors in the development of musculoskeletal disorders such as tendentious and back problems. However, regular breaks from sitting are vastly beneficial for overall health. The ExerClock program provides employees with a way to stay active and reduce the serious health risks which accompany a sedentary lifestyle. By participating in short exercise videos, which are customized to each individual employee, you can drastically cut your health risks. Improve the productivity, bottom line and morale of your workplace by investing in long-term health solutions with ExerClock.

Immediate Return on Investment

Reducing sedentary workplace practices greatly lowers the instances of sick days while improving concentration and productivity. Workplaces investing in the health and wellbeing of their employees are much more appealing to qualified job applicants. Retain talented, hardworking employees while attracting others with the same work ethic by participating in a proactive corporate wellness program.

On average companies across the nation who have invested in health and wellness programs have reduced healthcare claims by $250 per employee. Reduce the risk of developing chronic, even terminal illnesses while lowering compensation costs, lost work time, and sick days by implementing ExerClock, an effective solution to a serious problem.

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