Wellness on Every Level

Corporations and Individual Workers Reap the Benefits

When companies introduce a health plan or grant everyone access to a health facility, improvements do take place. Workers are healthier – both physically and mentally – while businesses experience a safer workplace, leading to an increase in productivity and financial returns.

Having a wellness program in place takes away the main “I have no time” excuse of the average sedentary person. With ExerClock, each worker is able to customize their workout times along with the workouts they do. If any worker is unable to do his/her workout when the alarm pops up, he/she can simply hit the snooze button until ready to complete the exercise.

Why Businesses Need to Focus On Employee Health

Having ExerClock in place goes beyond recruiting employees who have a favorable attitude towards work and health. A lower turnover rate among program participants increases workplace productivity and reduces absenteeism, all while lowering your health costs. It’s time for you to create a safer workplace and improve your workers future health by implementing our ExerClock program today.

Contact one of our health and wellness professionals at ExerClock to get started.

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