Reduce Workplace Obesity

Encourage Healthy Lifestyle Choices with a Corporate Wellness Program

There is proven evidence chronic diseases such as type two diabetes, heart disease and hypertension can be prevented. The rise of a sedentary lifestyle in recent years has greatly contributed to high rates of obesity and chronic illnesses which are associated with poor diet and lack of physical activity. Due to the obesity epidemic across the nation, many employers are looking for ways to improve the health, productivity and bottom line of their businesses. ExerClock is an engaging and proactive way to improve the wellbeing of your employees.

Investing in healthy lifestyle programs for employees has been shown to greatly decrease employee sick days, improve productivity and concentration while yielding a significant return on investment for employers. On average, companies such as Motorola and Johnson & Johnson, who have invested in corporate wellness programs save thousands of dollars annually on health care for their employees.  

Convenient Exercise Program for Busy Employees

In recent polls and surveys, it’s reported many people would like to be more physically active. However, with family demands and other obligations, finding the time to be active can be difficult. By investing in a wellness program for the workplace, you give employees the time they need to make healthy lifestyle changes. ExerClock videos are only a few minutes long and prompt employees to engage in activity once per hour. Companies who invest in health programs have shown a drastic decrease in sick days and insurance claims. Leading companies such as Motorola have invested in employee wellness programs, resulting in huge cost savings. Motorola has reported an average of $3.93 savings for every $1 invested in wellness benefits and $6.5 million annual savings in medical expenses for lifestyle related illnesses such as hypertension, stress and obesity.  By having a wellness/fitness program available through work, your employees can make healthy lifestyle changes, while increasing their overall productivity.

Chronic Disease Expenses Add up Quickly

The obesity epidemic across the nation is costing us billions of dollars. Estimates of the total cost of treating diseases associated with overweight, sedentary lifestyles is approximately $117 billion dollars. This includes treating serious conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Preventable illnesses make up about 75% of all healthcare costs throughout the United States. By implementing employee wellness programs, companies have experienced significant savings. Daimler-Chrysler began participating in a National Wellness Program, which saved them approximately $16/per employee per month. Take a proactive step and invest in a corporate wellness program which works.

Businesses end up paying a sizeable amount when it comes to treating obesity-related conditions. Lost productivity and increased health and disability insurance costs add up quickly. Studies show employees who are obese are 50% more likely to have multiple health-related absences compared to their non-obese co-workers. In one year alone, companies paid out:

  • $8 billion in health insurance expenditures
  • $2.4 billion for sick leave  
  • $1.4 billion in life insurance
  • $1 billion for disability insurance

ExerClock keeps employees moving, greatly reducing the chance of developing a debilitating chronic illness. Improve employee morale and health while saving money with the help of the ExerClock fitness program.

Improve the Financial Health of your Business

Over the past decade, employers have become more pro-active in investing in the health of employees. Major companies such as Caterpillar, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola and Daimler-Chrysler have implemented award winning programs which have saved millions of dollars while improving the lives of their employees. Poor employee health due to a sedentary lifestyle can greatly affect a company’s bottom line. By investing in a convenient corporate fitness program, companies improve the health status of their workers. This leads to:

  • Improved overall employee health
  • Increased office productivity and morale
  • Fewer sick days
  • Reduce business costs associated with chronic illnesses

Obesity and the health risks which accompany it is a serious issue facing the country. Simple solutions such as increasing your physical activity and making small healthy lifestyle changes can have a large impact on your quality of life and healthcare costs. By implementing an easy, convenient wellness program, such as ExerClock, you can increase your bottom line while preventing the development of life-threating chronic diseases.  

Contact the team of corporate wellness experts at ExerClock to make a healthy change today.

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