Improve and Maintain Your Health with Recipes from ExerClock

Nutritional RecipesEasy-to-Make Nutritional Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

ExerClock is helping you stay healthy with nutritional recipes that compliment your daily workout routines. Check back often to see the latest Healthy Recipe(s) of the Week. Feel good and look good by eating right and maintaining your health with ExerClock.

Sitting at a desk all day wreaks havoc on you and your employees’ overall health. Long periods of inactivity greatly increase the risk of developing chronic, life-threatening illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and obesity. With the help of ExerClock, the risk of developing these debilitating diseases is drastically reduced. ExerClock can be easily integrated into any existing corporate wellness program. It’s an effective solution to a serious problem facing our country’s workforce.

By partnering with FitBit to further enhance your health, ExerClock allows you to monitor your activity levels. With proper diet and exercise, you and your employees are able to work towards better health, leading to fewer sick days and increased productivity. In addition to the health benefits, companies who incorporate a wellness program can save thousands of dollars per year on healthcare costs.

Even simple changes in diet, coupled with regular exercise breaks throughout the day, can have a huge impact towards better health. Tasty and healthy have never gotten along so well with each other. Check in frequently for easy-to-make recipes from the wellness experts at ExerClock!

Contact ExerClock’s corporate wellness dietician for a consultation on your nutritional needs.